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Avental LC-50-Miami

Padrão da Fotografia: Miami

Avental LC-50-natural


Padrão da Fotografia: Natural

Avental LC-50-nazare/hawai

Padrão da Fotografia: Nazaré e Hawai

Avental LC-50-quenia


Padrão da Fotografia: Quénia

Avental LC-50-Tigrebengala

Padrão da Fotografia: Tigre da Bengala

Backpack TX-168CD

Product: Backpack Dimensions: 26.5 x 36 x20cm Reference: TX-168 CD Pattern: Venice Note: Available in Gold patterns. Cleaning: All our

Backpack TX-184CD

Product: TX184CD Backpack Description: Backpack with tie closure. Dimensions (W * H * D): 37cm * 34cm * 9.5cm. Reference:

Bag 140 TX-156CD

Carrier bag model in cork, with two shoulder straps and zippered opening. The interior is lined in suede and has three side pockets, one with a zip. Dimensions (WxHxD): 40.5cm x 31.5cm x 11.5cm Cleaning: Waterproof, washable with soap and water Note: Available in various patterns

Bag TX-1

Reference: TX-1 Mala Bag with shoulder strap. Dimensions (W * H * D): 36cm * 30cm * 11cm Patterns: Nazaré / Porto/ Lisboa / Sintra / Tartaruga e Retalhos

Bag TX-13

Cork product: TX-13 case Description: Bag, closes with magnet and has shoulder strap. Dimensions (W * H * D): 30cm * 32cm * 11cm. Reference: TX-13 Cleaning: All cork products are waterproof and can be cleaned with soap and water. Lining: 100% cotton fabric. Available in 7 patterns.

Bag TX-150CD

Shoulder bag made of cork fabric and bandage opening. It only has a long shoulder strap. Inside, it has a

Bag TX-151CD

Shoulder bag in cork fabric with small zip and bamboo detail and opening of ties. It only has a long